Our goals and values

The Montessori method of education is based on the scientific approach to child’s development and growth. Montessori herself determined the goal of education as “the development of the complete human being oriented to the environment, and adapted to his time, place and culture”.

The main goals of our Montessori schools are based on Montessori Philosophy:

Intellectual development is achieved by encouraging child’s natural love of learning. This goal is achieved by means of unique Montessori materials, which are beautiful and attractive for children, multi-sensory and manipulative. The teacher as a part of the environment guides a child with a respect, instead of direct. Thereby children grow as personalities thinking “outside the box”.

Social development is achieved by giving children the possibility to communicate with each other any time they need it, by circle times and involving in different projects. Children are taught how to solve conflicts peacefully, to support one another, to make friends. In Montessori classrooms different children are engaged in different activities in accordance with their interests. Children are taught to solve conflicts peacefully, to respect other person, to make friends.

Emotional health is achieved by giving the child a possibility to grow in independence, building his self-confidence and self-respect. These skills are necessary and useful for the future success in life as adult also.

Physical health is achieved by providing the balance between intellectual and physical development. Montessori classroom requires a lot of movements from students even during their intellectual exercises with materials, to carry the mats, blocks, works and practical life area especially. Also we have a lot of movements during the circle times, yoga and music classes, outdoor activities. In our environment we often discuss with children healthy food and water balance and their positive influence to their body and mind.

Ecological education is achieved by providing the children with the opportunity to know the nature, to understand importance of environmental protection. That is why there are a lot of alumni of Montessori schools do their own researches and inventions in this area.

We are following ideas of Montessori education and also, our materials and activities are going with the times. We are taking into account the latest study of psychology and researches in brain development and the reality of 21st Century. Our students are studying different languages and cultures; they are learning to be respectful to teachers, friends, community, environment and world. They are young citizens of the world.